Your Budget Should Be Your Best Friend!


What makes a best friend?  A person that has your back and makes life better.  That individual that helps you get what you want.  They help you through difficult times.  Your buddy that is always honest with you even if it hurts.  May I suggest that a budget can be all of those things for you?

A Friend/Budget Has Your Back And Makes Life Better.

Just as a friend, your budget can have your back by giving you support when you need it.  A good budget sets aside money to pay your heat bill, phone bill, car payment when they are due.  You don’t have to worry about where you are going to get the money to make your payments.  The budgeting system helps carry the load of managing your money.  I don’t have to decide each payday what the money was needed for.  The budget includes its assigned purpose so I only have to use my money to do its job.

A Friend/Budget Will Help You Get What You Want.

Your budget will help you get what you want.  As an example, I want to go on my dream Alaskan trip. How does my budget help make it real?  The budget is used to set aside money for the trip.  The plan is to go, August 2018, on my first Alaskan fishing trip.  I have wanted to make a trip like that for over 40 years.  No way would I be able to do that if I did not use my budget to set aside the money to pay for it.  My budget also continues to remind me of what the money in my account is for.  So I don’t spend my Alaska money by mistake.  When I know what my stash of cash is supposed to do I am less likely to squander it on the wrong stuff.

A Friend/Budget Will Help You Through Difficult Times.

When you have difficult times come your way, you may look for a friend to help you through the bump in the road.  I know I sure do.  Times like losing your job, an auto accident, unexpected medical bills or any other family or personal emergency happen to us all.  All of these difficulties almost always come with a dollar amount attached.

Do you have an emergency fund?  Your budget can help you create that fund.  The relief you will feel when you have the money to pay for the emergency is a lot like the support a friend gives.  You may also find that your emergency fund does not always cover your costs.  Another way your budget can help is the accumulated amounts you have saved for other wants such as a vacation.  During an emergency, you may decide the best use of the vacation money has changed.  That is not your intent but it’s nice to that have options.  I have found several times that various budget buckets have been used to get through the unexpected.  You will too.  You will like having a budget as your friend.

A Friend/Budget Is Honest With You Even If It Hurts.

You may not always want to know the truth about a life moment.  The truth often hurts but how do you fix what you don’t know.  I have found my budget will give me the truth about my spending if I will just look.  For instance, if I spend using my budget I know how the money was used and can find out why I have missed my budget.  Much of the time I just don’t choose to follow my plan.

One area of challenge for many people is their food budget.  I’ll bet, around eating time you frequently have a choice to make.  Do you fix what was planned, if you have a plan or do you just go out to eat?  The budget will reveal just how often you choose to pass on using your plan spending even if the truth hurts.  I find that when I face the hurt of fixing the plan by transferring money from my other wants; I get extra focus to choose the guidance given by plan to decide my actions.


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