How Do We Get Things Done?


I am a Procrastinator.  There, I have owned up to it.  If you are like me, you have a hard time getting certain things done!  I DO NOT wear this title happily.  It is very frustrating and stressful, all of which is not good for my health, and well-being.

Do you remember the “round-tuit” buttons?  Am I revealing my age with this question?

It was the rage for while and they reminded us to do the things that we said we would get “around to it”.  I have a hard time getting around to it, as do others.  I went looking for help and found Barbara Fuller, the author, and owner of who posts articles about getting things done.  

She was using the Getting Things Done (“GTD”) from the book by David Allen.  

I took a look at the book and other articles that had posted about David Allen’s method. There are many blog sites that have this method in a step-by-step sequence.  David has a workbook on how to install GTD into your life and business affairs, giving practical ways to do plans and goals.

I was very impressed with the thoughts and guidelines that were given.  I am planning on using these in my life as I go forward.  NO PROCRASTINATION.  NO ROUND TUIT HERE!!!

I recommend reviewing her website and other posts, and to consider using part or all the GTD method.  This is a great skill as you deal with financial matters, especially budgeting. As you create your budget, put it into operation, and continually improve it, GTD will give you some tools to help. These tools will assist in your desired success.

I will keep you informed as to my journey on getting things done.  Let me know how you are doing in the comments below.



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