Disney Cruise, They Know How to Treat You Right!


My wife and I love cruises.  A cruise is a place where both of us get to really be on vacation.  I particularly like the entertainment.  Disney has the best entertainment for my money.  My wife likes being taken care of and never misses the chance to receive it.

I have an article from travelingwease.com that shares how to have a Disney cruise for you and your family. See below.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series.  Part 2 is about budgeting for the cruise and other types of vacations.

Disney Cruise, Here We Come!

I have been having the urge to do another cruise for quite some time. After a great deal of thought, not really, I decided I wanted to do another Disney cruise.  So, I am again planning a cruise on the Disney Wonder.  I have already booked for early October 2019.  I want to take you on my journey of planning and getting ready for a cruise.  This journey will cover a few months, but I want you to see what I do to get the best price and experience.

The very first thing that I needed to do was to start looking for the cruise, considering the time that I can and want to go, what activities and ports of call I want, and who will be going with me.  In all this planning, I always consider the price.  I know that certain times of the year are a better price with Disney.

REMEMBER: Disney is family oriented, so when the kids are out of school, the prices will be higher. For the best prices look for non-peak times.  Looking at those factors, the best time, and prices, to cruise with Disney is mid-January to mid-February.  Early March & April, be sure to miss spring break weeks.  Early May because the kids are in the last part of the school year.  Then later in the year, September to mid-October, early November and early December.

TIP: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are always more expensive so avoid those times if you can.

I always check out the Disney Cruise Line Website as a beginning point in my search.  I search all the cruises that are going to my destination of choice.  Disney’s Website has a special offers page that you can browse.  These offers change frequently, so check often until you book your cruise.

All cruise lines have a loyalty program that gets you special offers. I signed up with Disney’s loyalty club the first time I cruised with them, so I get offers from them through my email.

I always book my Disney Cruise early, usually a year early.  This cruise I booked in July 2018 because the price was great.  Unlike other cruise lines, Disney does not offer last minute deals.

After I found the cruise and fare I wanted, I go to a travel agency, online or in person.  They are able to book for me and they know if there is a better fare.  They also have perks, such as onboard credits, which are great for paying gratuities, alcohol, and spa treatments.  A travel agent also keeps their eye out for the fare being lowered so we can get that lower price. SCORE.

Now that we are booked, the next step is the budget for this cruise and vacation.

Attribution: original article by Wease at travelingwease.com



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